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Sustainable mobility

Collective mobility services are fundamental in areas of great environmental and landscape value.Mobilità in Val Genova - testata valle

Moving without the car, avoiding traffic, congestion and parking difficulties, improves the pleasure of the visit and protects the environment. The Adamello Brenta Nature Park and the surrounding areas are visited each year by about 5 million tourists. This causes an environmental impact that is no longer sustainable in many areas.

Since 2003, in Val Genova, we have started a project to Trenino da Patascoss a Malga Ritortreduce car traffic, by organizing a transport system with shuttles. Then, this project has been activated also in Val di Tovel, in 2006 in Vallesinella and since 2009 in Ritort near Madonna di Campiglio, with a train service in July and August.



We also thought of recreational and cultural events to enhance awareness, reversing the tourist trend of short visits. Therefore favoring a more respectful approach to nature in line with the Park values. Mobility services are a part in the management chain that includes the parking system, giving useful information to visitors and organizing events. A coherently managed system aimed to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Mobilità in Vallesinella

Sharing the means of transport, without worrying about anything, makes visitors feel at home in the Park and improves the perception of the protected area as a well-organized and easily accessible reality.

Soon we plan to extend these services also to Val di Daone, Val di Fumo and Val Algone.