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Logo SelfpasThe Self-financing Protected Area Project (Selfpas) aimed to improve the environmental and territorial management of Protected Areas in Italy through the identification, selection and application of self-financing procedures.

Selfpas has produced a new management model with operating elements that are radically different from those with which Protected Areas have been managed to date.
The Protected Areas of the project have thus become fields of experimentation for the new management model and for verifying its effectiveness in different environmental, institutional and socio-economic contexts.

Thanks to the experience gained from real applications, the Project intends to create a wealth of knowledge sufficient to provide managers with the tools and good practices to develop self-financing procedures suitable to their needs.The main products are guidelines to encourage the application of self-financing procedures to other Protected Natural Areas. They will thus be able to identify and select financing lines, fundraising and marketing, implementation procedures and administrative organization. In addition, a proposal will be prepared for the transfer of acquired experience to other Protected Areas in Europe and to the Natura 2000 Network.

SelfPas final report with attachments (.zip 488kb)

Guidelines (.zip 2Mb)