Special Projects

The special projects carried out by the Adamello Brenta Nature Park are divided into:

  • projects carried out with the support of the European Union;
  • national projects conducted in partnership with other parks;
  • innovative and experimental projects.

RDP 2014-2020

This site was co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Other projects co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: RDP 2014-2020   RDP Project Funding Year 2017 Operation...
Life Arctos Project

Life Arctos Project

Brown bear conservation: coordinated actions for the Alpine and Apennine ranges Project LIFE ARCTOS-Natura: LIFE 09/NAT/IT/000160 The project is promoted by the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise with the participation...


The Self-financing Protected Area Project (Selfpas) aimed to improve the environmental and territorial management of Protected Areas in Italy through the identification, selection and application of self-financing procedures. Selfpas has produced a new management...

Life Coop

Criteria for the creation of an Alpine brown bear metapopulation     LIFE-Natura Co-op PROJECT: LIFE2003NAT/CP/IT/000003   The Park carried out, with the contribution of the European Union, a transnational project to...

Fossil Free

The Adamello Brenta Nature Park, as  a guardian of an extraordinary territory for naturalistic values, is an important instrument of environmental protection. The Park's numerous projects are aimed at protecting the environment...

The STEPPA Project

The project objective was the implementation of the sustainable tourism strategy envisaged by the Charter. In particular to promote and strengthen cooperation between parks and tourism businesses operating in the protected areas....
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