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Qp vasetto mieleCurrently, the Park Quality /ECST certification for the agri-food sector has involved the honey producers located in the Municipalities within the Park.

Yet, also regulations for cottage cheese and mineral water are operative!

The purpose of the certification is to promote traditional quality products (produced in the protected area) with particular attention to healthiness and environmental protection.
As for accommodation facilities, the assignment of the Park Quality/ECST brand requires that businesses respect specific regulations.

Forms for the agri-food sector

Are you a business of this sector interested in joining the project? Download the forms here.

Honey and cottage cheese

Mineral water 


Certified agri-food businesses


Logo Qualità Parco - ApicoltoreAzienda Agricola e Apicoltura Maines Faustino
Vicolo Santo Stefano, 4 – Loc. Dercolo di Campodenno
Telephone: 0461 655358


Logo Qualità Parco - ApicoltoreApicoltura “Il regno delle api” di Alessandro Pedron
Via Spinazeda, 3 – 38010 Flavon (TN)
Telephone: 320 1105994
Email: – Sito internet:


Logo Qualità Parco - ApicoltoreApicoltura “Dalla Natura la Salute” di Lorenzetti Laura
Via Corona, 36
Telephone: 0465 503232
Email: – Sito internet:


Logo Qualità Parco - ApicoltoreAzienda Agricola Bergamo Nicola
Via E. Bergamo, 75 – 38010 Nanno (TN)
Telephone: 0463 450043


Logo Qualità Parco - ApicoltoreAzienda Agricola Pollini
Via Canonica 14 – 38079 Pelugo
Telephone: 334 6061433