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Logo QP - scuoleThe project Park Quality/ECST for schools aims to involve pupils making them do exploration, observation and research activities.

This can also help connecting students to local authorities with specific tasks in protecting the environment. The role that the students will play is very important because they will be intermediaries of their families. Thus promoters for all the people who live and use the territory.


Also for schools the application procedure is the following one.

The certification demands the fulfillment of requirements, some mandatory and others optional, divided into three main thematic areas:

  1. school internal requirements, such as the appointment of an environmental supervisor who coordinates all the activities and the check of some structural and managerial features of the school facility (e.g. heating insulation, use of fuels, waste collection, …)
  2. environmental education, e.g. educational initiatives and the involvement of pupils in the various environmental issues (e.g. the use of water and electricity, recycling, the analysis of ecological problems, …)
  3. relations with the Park, the active collaboration of the school with the Park (e.g. participation in projects, use of brochures in the school, …).


School forms

1. Memorandum of understanding for granting PQ to Schools in the Park (.pdf 84.6 kb)
2. Requirements for Primary Schools (.pdf 147 kb)
3. Requisiti Scuole Secondarie di 1° grado (.pdf 149 kb)
4. Requirements for Secondary schools of 2 level (.pdf 105 kb)