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Park Quality Brand/Cets

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What is it?

It is an environmental certification and territorial marketing project aimed at spreading the philosophy of environmental quality, involving the economic and social stakeholders of the Park. This initiative represents, on the Italian national scene, one of the first carried out by a protected area combining environment protection with tourism promotion. In brief, the project aims to reduce environmental impacts both by companies and individuals.

The main actors of this project are businesses and schools. The project in fact rewards companies that meet environmental protection requirements and are linked with the territory, granting the use of the Park Quality Brand.

For who?

The stakeholders are the following:

How it works

The facilities applying for the quality brand must demonstrate that they comply with a set of rules.This is a list of mandatory and optional criteria.The criteria are verified by an independent entity that evaluates the effective application and compliance of the requirements, through an inspection at the facility. He then compiles a check list and draws up a report. It will be the Technical Brand Committee, composed of representatives of the Park, of the Autonomous Province of Trento and of the trade associations to evaluate, on the basis of the auditor’s verification report, if all the requirements are met.

The last word is up to the  Executive Park Board that officially decide the assignment of the Park Quality Brand/CETS.

The Project’s evolution:
from “Park Quality” to Park Quality Brand/ CETS”

After more than 15 years from the start of the project, the need arose to give new impetus to the initiative. In 2017 the Park, in collaboration with Agenda 21 Consulting, started a relaunch project. The goal was to give new vitality to the partnership Park-entrepreneurial world. Focusing on two important assets: simplifying the accession process and creating exclusivity in the Park-structure relationship.

Among many proposals, the best one was to find a convergence between the two labels:  CETS Phase II  and Park Quality. These had two different disciplinaries. Therefore, after a revision of the specifications, it was decided to adopt a unique set of rules.

The new unitary CETS / PQ Brand is therefore based on a single admission system that lists the mandatory and optional actions.

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Hotels and B&Bs

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