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Territory maintenance and enhancement

Nuova passerella Pedruc

The Park has always contributed to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the territory. This activity has been increasing, to the point that after 30 years from the establishment of the Park Authority, the intervention has become predominant.

The Park mainly deals with the infrastructure system. The municipal roads of the valley, the network of hiking trails and the parking areas. But it also includes other interventions. For example, the environmental recovery of biotopes or pasture areas, the fight against weeds, conservation and improvement of signs. In addition to the maintenance of the Park’s logistic bases (structures generally given on free loan by local authorities) and maintenance of visitor centers.

These activities are managed mainly in direct administration through forest workers employed by the Park. In 2018, the Park had 30 workforce units, including 5 permanent workers and 25 seasonal workers, divided into 6 teams:

Giudicarie Esteriori
Val del Chiese
Lower Val Rendena
Upper Val Rendena
Val di Non and Paganella Plateau
Val di Tovel
Visitor Centres

For specialized activities it sometimes also uses external companies.