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Why we joined ECST PHASE I






ECST takes on a specific meaning based on the natural and anthropic characteristics of the Park, its management and development model, the structural conditions of the territory in which it is located.

The Park has decided to join the ECST for three reasons:

1. In municipalities with great environmental stress due to ski facilities and building expansion, the concern for the environment is very strong. The inhabitants believe that the environment must be safeguarded. And the Park must be very careful not to disappoint this expectation.

2. In areas with a slight flow of tourists, the Park is seen as a promoter of development. A tool to make nature, still largely intact, a tourist promotion product. In these territories the Park is therefore seen as a great opportunity. Therefore its role in the territory does not meet the resistance of other institutions already responsible for the promotion and development of tourism.

3. Before opportunities for exchanges between operators and the Park were infrequent. The Park’s communication activity was mainly focused on initiatives for tourists. A lot of energy is invested in the communication process towards the final customer. Without taking into account that some forms of indirect communication can increase self-knowledge among operators and in the territory. ECST represents an opportunity for meeting and confrontation with all the local social entities at all levels.


These reflections convinced us of the importance of supporting sustainable tourism. It is also a task of the Park to improve the management of tourism by encouraging good development practices. The park must confront with tourism which represents the main factor of socio-economic development for this area. It can therefore support traditional economic activities and improve the quality of life of residents.
So tourism is a valuable tool for raising awareness among visitors, inhabitants, operators and institutions of respect for the environment.