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What’s CETS?

European Charter of Sustainable Tourism  (CETS) is a tool for defining the guidelines for a  sustainable tourism in protected areas but, at the same time, also attractive for the market.

The ambitious objective of the Charter is to bring together the Park managers, the territorial bodies involved in its territory and the local tourist boards to share a project. A goal that is certainly ambitious!
Membership of the European charter allows the territory to harmonize and enhance the forms of economy present and to guarantee an adequate quality of life for the local population.

For more info see EUROPARC Federation and EUROPAC Sezione Italia section Carta Europea del Turismo Sostenibile

How it was born

CETS is part of the world and European priorities. These are the recommendations of Agenda 21, adopted during the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 and the 5th community program of actions for sustainable development. It is also part of the priorities of the “parks for life” action program of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).It also complies with the principles set out in the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism, developed in Lanzarote in 1995.

CETS was developed by the EUROPARC Federation. A European organization, politically independent, made up of management bodies and specialists from more than 400 national protected areas in over 35 countries. In fact, it represents the obligatory reference of the tourist policy of the protected areas of the European Union. It comes from a first project, started in 1991, by the Europarc Federation which led to the publication of the report “Loving them to death“.


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