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History of the 1st application 2004-2006

The key steps in defining the strategy were:

July- September 2004

  • definition and evaluation of existing resources and services in the area
  • statistical analysis of flows and accommodation offer of the territory
  • meetings and interviews with key players in the management of tourism in the area (38 Mayors, 5 APT Presidents, 3 Pro-loco Presidents, and others representatives of the socio-economic sector in the protected area)

Summer 2004

  • survey of visitors to the Park based on approximately 1000 interviews conducted in the main access points and in the Park (parking lots, paths, shuttle bus stops)
  • survey on the tourists who visit the Park area based on over 500 questionnaires given in the main information points (visitor centers, information points of Tourist Boards)
  • evaluation of market trends.

January – May 2005

  • elaboration of the Diagnostic Report based on the data collected and on the main constraints and opportunities for the sustainable development of tourism in the Park
    presentation to administrators and operators of the Diagnostic Report

May – November 2005

Summer 2005

  • survey on tourism operators, in collaboration with the Trento School of Management, based on the administration of a questionnaire to over 300 operators
  • investigation of the activities proposed by the Park
  • survey of visitors to 6 Italian Parks, within the Selfpas Project

December 2005 – February 2006

  • elaboration of the “Pacts of collaboration” with the lead partners (Institutions and Operators responsible for the implementation of some initiatives of the Program of Actions)
  • preparation of a final document on the strategy

May 2006

  • inspection by Europarc inspector
  • conference for the presentation of the Strategy and official signing of the “Collaboration Pacts” with the representatives.