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2012-2017 Strategy






10 years after the adoption of the first Plan of the park, in 2009 the long work of revision of this fundamental Park document began.

To this was added the process of re-evaluation of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, launched in 2010, with the first  forums in Val di Non. The new ECST Action Plan, which basically followed the guidelines of the previous plan, was contained within the  Socio- Economic Plan (PSE), a document developed as part of the review of the Plan of the Park.

Intersection of ECST Plan with the new Park Plan

To ensure continuity with the previous one, the new Charter Plan s based on the 3 strategic objectives (itineraries) of the previous document: Awareness, Senses and Quality.
However, considering that the new document would include, in addition to the new actions emerging from the participatory process, also projects of the old plan not yet realized, or being implemented or by their nature continuous and lasting over time, the document contained two new “itineraries” of a higher level.

A. A Continuity itinerary, which contains the projects of the previous Plan.
B. A Novelty Itinerary, which includes the new projects that emerged during the territorial forums.

The 2012-2017 Action Plan consists of 51 actions distributed as follows:

  • 27 of the novelty itinerary, of which:
    9 in the awareness itinerary
    9 in the senses itinerary
    9 in the quality itinerary
  • 24 of the continuity itinerary, of which:
  • 9 in the awareness itinerary
  • 8 in the senses itinerary
  • 7 in the quality itinerary

Structure of the new Action Plan 2012-2017