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2010-2012 Territorial Forums

For the definition of the new 2012-2018 Action Plan, the same participatory methodology previously used was adopted in which the territory was the protagonist.

The territory has been divided into 3 territorial forums, depending on the geographical location and the socio-economic characteristics:

  1. Val di Non
  2. Val di Sole, Val Rendena, Giudicarie Centrali and Val del Chiese
  3. Giudicarie Esteriori, Altopiano della Paganella

For each of the 3 forums, 4 meetings were organized, of which:

  • 1 ” working dinner” which saw stakeholders with a political role. To share the project and make them responsible for the itinerary that involved the categories they represented;
  • 3 territorial forums aimed at all local socio-economic categories for the development of project actions consistent with the principles of the Charter.

Altogether, 13 meetings were organized in which around 300 public and private socio-economic organizations participated. On average, about thirty people from different sectors of the economy and society participated in each meeting.

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