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2006-2011 Strategy

The Tourism development strategy for the protected area was defined during the territorial forums. In collaboration with the social-economic entities, with the consulting company Actaplan of Milan, the Provincial Tourism Observatory of the Autonomous Province of Trento and Trentino SpA. The strategy is based on 3 principles:

  1. involve in the choices all the stakeholders  in the tourist resort in a participatory and active way;
  2. protect diversity, therefore protecting existing tourist motivations;
  3. promote, find out and invent new tourism opportunities.

The strategy is contained in the document “Strategy and Action Program” which sets out the guidelines, defined by the Park with the many actors in the territory, for sustainable tourism development of the protected area.

The guidance document contains 65 actions / projects, identified during the territorial forums.

The Park and the other participants involved who have signed the Collaboration Pacts (documents that confirm the commitment to the implementation of the strategy) have 5 years to carry out the actions contained in the Program of Actions.

The Park is not the only subject responsible for the implementation of the projects. But it is one of the many stakeholders in the tourism supply chain called to commit to the implementation of the Strategy, according to degrees of commitment and responsibility to be defined according to the available means and the institutional aims.

The Action Program is divided into:

  • 3 paths
    8 specific (or strategic) objectives
    65 actions / projects

Three Itineraries


Awareness of the potential of the territory, by both residents and tourists, is the basic factor for the definition of tourism development strategies, based on the conservation and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage. The aim is to encourage a strong awareness of the value of local heritage. To stimulate and recover the identity relationship of the community with the places. To build and communicate to the visitors of the Park a tourism offer with a strong territorial value.


It aims at a sustainable and conscious use of the territory. Highlighting the naturalistic, cultural, gastronomic and social local aspects, it tries to make the tourist experience an emotional, authentic experience, respectful of the environment and of the local culture.


It aims to improve both the environmental performances and the services offered by the hosting facilities and the quality of life of the inhabitants and tourists. This is possible through interventions on the image and quality – architectural, environmental, urban – of tourist destinations.

Eight specific objectives

Each itinerary consists of several specific objectives.

65 actions

  • 41 actions of level 1
  • 11 actions of level 2
  • 13 actions of level 3

Download the whole document:  Strategy and Action Plan (.pdf 988Kb) attachment 1 (.pdf 72Kb) attachment 2 (.pdf 85Kb)