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2004-2006 Territorial Forums

 To define the Strategy, the Park stated a systematic consultation and cooperation process, extended to all economic, social, environmental components – both public and private – operating on its territory. From public administrators to operators in the hospitality sector, from the environmentalist world to cable-way operators.
The forum is a meeting aimed at stimulating confrontation, discussion, learning and working together. In order to solicit the debate and the emergence of the points of view of the actors and of the project ideas to be carried out, the presence of a moderator has been foreseen and, in some meetings, also of thematic experts.The forum’s ultimate goal was to understand which strategy to develop together with local actors for the next five years and through which project actions.

A strategy implementation plan was also discussed and shared. This identified the subjects responsible for the implementation of the actions and their partners, the necessary financial resources, the procedures to guarantee the commitments undertaken and the timing.
Since the Diagnostic Report showed that the territory of the Park is not a homogeneous area from the tourist point of view, for the forums it was preferred to identify 4 different areas based on the criterion of tourism development:

  1. Initial tourism area – Val di Non – The area in the lower part of the Val di Non;
  2. Unexpressed tourism area – lower Val Rendena, “Busa di Tione”, Val del Chiese;
  3. Intermediate tourism area – Terme di Comano;
  4. Mature tourism area: – high area Val Rendena and Val di Sole; Paganella Plateau.

A total of 14 meetings were organized, involving a total of 625 people, including public and private operators. On average, each meeting was attended by 45 people.


Initial tourism area
Initial tourism area
Initial tourism area
Initial tourism area
1st meeting
– illustration of the initiative of the Charter;
– presentation of the results of the Diagnostic Report;
– debate on strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities
(26 May 05)
(20 Sept 05)
(21 Sept 05)
(19 Oct 05)
– summary of the results emerged previous meeting;- presentation of the Park project ideas;- presentation of the participants’ project ideas;- discussion and sharing of ideas
(13 July 05)
(4 Oct 05)
(5 Oct 05)
(3 Nov 05)
– summary ideas;- collection of suggestions;- redefining ideas;- voting of definite ideas (excluding the initial tourism sphere);- forum evaluation questionnaire (excluding the initial tourism area)
(27 July 05)
(14 Oct 05)
(20 Oct 05)
Altopiano della Paganella36 (15 Nov 05)

Higher Val Rendena and Val di Sole
46 (16 Nov 05)

– summary of ideas emerged in the other forums;- voting on defined ideas;- forum evaluation questionnaire.
(5 Dec 05)