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European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Attestato Cets 2018-2022On 29 novembre 2018, the Adamello Brenta Nature Park obtained the validation of the Europen Charter of  Sustainible Tourism for the third consecutive time. It was given at the prestigious European Parliament building in Brussels.The European parks awarded were 19, some for the first time, others for the second and only us for the third.

The Park obtained the ECST for the first time in 2006, among the Italian pioneers of this project, revalidated in 2012 and has now been reconfirmed until 2022.
Each time, various meetings were conducted, involving hundreds of local organizations, local authorities, associations, free citizens with rounds of meetings throughout the Park area. Interesting ideas have always emerged from the meetings that have enabled us to draw up very concrete program documents.

Since 2006 the European Charter has been a tool for the Park to create a dense network of relationships and to implement ideas that later marked the entire tourist offer of the Park.

Successful projects such as the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike and Dolomiti di Brenta Trek circuits or the “A Summer’s Park” notebook and the Park Quality business partnership project were born thanks to ECST.

Today over 40 Italian parks have received this award. Other 6 have currently started the accession process. In Europe there are over 120 protected areas in 13 countries.

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What’s CETS?

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS) is a tool for defining the guidelines aimed at sustainable tourism for protected...
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ECST is divided in three parts: PART 1: the protected area; PART II: local businesses; PART III: tour operators, travel agencies and...
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Why we joined ECST PHASE I

          ECST takes on a specific meaning based on the natural and anthropic characteristics of the...
2018-2023 Strategy

2018-2023 Strategy

In 2018, the Park, in collaboration with Natourism, started the participatory planning process that led to the definition of the...
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2012-2017 Strategy

          10 years after the adoption of the first Plan of the park, in 2009 the...
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2006-2011 Strategy

The Tourism development strategy for the protected area was defined during the territorial forums. In collaboration with the social-economic entities,...
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2010-2012 Territorial Forums

For the definition of the new 2012-2018 Action Plan, the same participatory methodology previously used was adopted in which the...
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2004-2006 Territorial Forums

To define the Strategy, the Park stated a systematic consultation and cooperation process, extended to all economic, social, environmental components...
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Revalidation history

The key phases of the definition of the new strategy for the 2012 revalidation can be summarized as follows: July-...
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History of the 1st application 2004-2006

The key steps in defining the strategy were: July- September 2004 definition and evaluation of existing resources and services in...
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Projects in progress

Projects in Progress Below is a table showing the progress of the ECST projects. To provide a first idea of...
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PART II – Business partners

PART II of European Charter of Sustainable Tourismo  is base on local businesses. The aim is to promote an eco-tourism development model  enabling a better management...
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PART II – Forms

Documentation Memorandum of understanding Business access conditions Collaboration agreement Action plan Certification application Regulations Hotel and B&B requirements Typical Houses...