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In the last 20 years we have reflected a lot on the relationship between natural and economic heritage, but above all on the development model that we want to pursue.
The tourism and socio-economic development of a territory, in the absence of adequate and courageous policies, leads to a leveling that causes a gradual zeroing of natural, cultural and social values.

Recently, attention to the environment has increased in society. Also thanks to the Rio Global Conference in 1992 which launched the concept of sustainable development. Protected areas have become open-air sustainable development laboratories. Conceived, not only as places of conservation, but to enhance local knowledge and skills, associated with the culture of sustainability.

Parks therefore play a strategic role in planning and managing sustainable local development through innovative forms. For example, partnership and collaboration agreements with many entities dealing with the environment and tourism.

There are many activities that the Adamello Brenta Nature Park carries out to protect, enhance and promote its territory!

Territory maintenance and enhancement

Territory maintenance and enhancement

The Park's maintenance and enhancement activity is mainly about infrastructures: the municipal valley roads, the network of hiking trails, parking areas and parking lots.

Park Quality Brand/Cets

What is it? It is an environmental certification and territorial marketing project aimed at spreading the philosophy of environmental quality, involving the economic and social...
Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility

The Adamello Brenta Nature Park organizes sustainable mobility services for visitors in the main valleys to reduce the use of private vehicles.

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

The Park obtained the CETS for the first time in 2006, among the Italian pioneers of this project, revalidated in 2012 and has now been reconfirmed until 2022. .
Special Projects

Special Projects

The special projects carried out by the Adamello Brenta Nature Park are divided into: projects carried out with the support of the European Union; national...


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