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Cascate Nardis in Val Genova

Nardis Waterfalls in Val Genova

The waterfalls in the park are nature shows that inspire the imagination of poets and writers producing legends and stories.

There are so many water drops in the Park that punctuate the area creating suggestive atmospheres.

They have different origins and special forms. For example, in the Adamello – Presanella mountain group, they fall from the steps of the hanging valleys, shaped by the glaciers, enriching the stream with water.







Cascate del Rio Bianco a Stenico

Rio Bianco Waterfalls in Stenico



In the karstic group of the Brenta Dolomites, water emerges from the rock. After a long journey in the mountain, it gives life to sparkling springs. The water, once it has reached the surface, encountering rock jumps, becomes a beautiful waterfall.






To admire the falls in their heyday the ideal is late spring and summer. The incredible jumps of water created by the thaw, the melting of the snow and the rains, become huge drops of water  that make us marvel.

Mandron Waterfall

Lake New seen from the path of the “descending waters”.







In late autumn, on the other hand, the water flow decreases, almost until it disappears. When the temperatures are freezing, the water is immobilized in a white crystal castle.