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Why we are a UNESCO Global Geopark

An extraordinary territory

  1. Two rocky worlds face each other: the Brenta Dolomites and the Adamello-Presanella group.
  2. Every type of existing rock is represented: sedimentary, metamorphic and magmatic rocks.
  3. The Tonalite, intrusive magmatic rock with a granite-like appearance, is the Adamello-Presanella group. Known by geologists from around the world, it takes its name from a local toponym.
  4. 61 geositesGeological sites of particular importance for scientific quality, rarity, aesthetic appeal and educational value. Divided into 5 categories based on origin.
  5. The sustainable development strategy that is implemented through the program of actions of CEST.
  6. Environmental education, training and scientific research in the various disciplines of Earth Sciences. Strategies with the aim of making the inhabitants and visitors aware of the need to preserve, protect and fight against climate change.

Benefits of working in a network

  1. The Unesco Global Geopark award is an added value because it enhances and promotes our reality throughout the world through a dense network of exchanges.
  2. Being part of the European Network (EGN) and World Network (GGN), in addition to the International Program for Geoparks and Geosciences (IGGP), is an opportunity for growth, sharing and comparison on sustainability and cooperation objectives.
    Together we can act with common projects, financed by European funds.
  3. New incentives to strengthen collaboration with local realities. They, participating in the choices for the enhancement of the Geopark, can renew the ancient bond that unites them to the territory..
  4. Geotourism is a fundamental resource of sustainable economic policy.