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What’s a UNESCO Geopark ?

The goal of Geoparks is “Enhancing the Heritage of the Earth, Supporting Local Communities”.

A Geopark ……
is an area with a significant geological and geomorphological heritage due to its rarity, scientific interest, aesthetic appeal and educational value. Its identity is linked to geology and enriched by natural and cultural heritage.

…. includes geosites of geological, archaeological, ecological, historical and cultural interest. All are subject to improving actions.

…. enhances the geological and geomorphological heritage by promoting sustainable development, environmental education, training, scientific research in the various disciplines of Earth Sciences and sustainable tourism or geotourism.

…. protects, through a coordinated strategy, the geological and geomorphological heritage through innovative preservation strategies that do not exclude man from the use of the environment.

…. fights against climate change and embraces the sustainability objectives indicated in the Agenda 2030 document

…. is managed by a coherent and structured management structure, which has adopted a sustainable economic development strategy

…. involves inhabitants, institutions, public organizations and companies in the management and enhancement of geological sites through a strategy of protection, education and sustainable development, aiming at local economic progress.

…. improves the natural environment and therefore the lives of the people who live there.