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Action plan

Safeguarding and enhancing the geological – environmental heritage is an important challenge and a considerable commitment. It therefore requires adequate planning of actions.

For this reason the Park has developed an Action Plan aimed at:

  • establishing the identity of the Adamello Brenta Geopark,
  • ensuring its growth through better performances,
  • guarantee its recognition at the end of the four-year period of validity.

In addition to being a valid four-year guide to implementing the maintenance program, the Action Plan defines an overall operational framework. With also other  extraordinary projects financed by EGN (INTERREG, etc.) activities.

In particular, the Action Plan must pursue the following objectives:

  • balance among different sectors (protection, research, enhancement/education)
  • identification of possible actions on the various geosites and in the Geopark area and definition of priorities,
  • resource planning.

A multi-year, concrete and shared Action Plan is a fundamental tool in the Park complex organization based on numerous activity sectors. The Geopark activities and the Action Plan will become part of the overall action plan of the Nature Park. Thus guaranteeing the implementation of a strategy to enhance the Geopark itself. The recent Park Plan Variant has established that the Action Plan is to become one of the Park Plan’s implementation projects.

Adamello Brenta Geopark is also part of the broader sustainable tourism policy defined by CETS (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism). It will also have to follow and interface with the main guidelines outlined by the PIA (Environmental Interpretation Plan). This document aims at addressing and planning activities related to the promotion of the territory, public reception, information and environmental education.

Thanks to the Action Plan, the Geopark takes on a strategic role in the planning of the Park. Priority actions will be part of the Annual Park Management Program.