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Quaternario (2,5 Mya – Today)

Today scholars are analyzing the idea of a new age within the geological time scale. An age in which the activities of the human being have had a profound impact on the global ecosystem: the Anthropocene.

The Quaternary contains the deposits of more superficial sediments, composed of materials originating from the erosion effected by the great glaciers. These crossed the valleys of the Park during the Last Maximum Glacial (Wurm), the previous glacial phases and the Little Ice Age occurred between 1550 and 1850 AD. The recent and current action of gravity has generated deposits of post-glacial landslides, layers of debris at the base of the slopes and debris flows. Even the action of the rivers has left and continues to leave a trace. For example, the cones of debris abandoned at the mouth of the valleys (conoids). But also the river terraces, a sign of the fluctuation of the depth of the riverbed, and the alluvial plains, generated by the repeated floods of the rivers.