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SocialMente Parco – socially Park

Experimental project realized by the third classes of the secondary school of Spiazzo with the help of Professor Arabel Maestri, in collaboration with the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.
The project was carried out during the second quarter and aimed to promote the importance of our territory and in particular of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. Starting from what were the perceptions of the students and what it meant to live within the protected area, they were asked to get to imagine what could be the “Park they would like” in 2030, through their voices, their feelings and their ambitions.

The result was messages of respect, protection, inclusion and sharing all condensed into a video that reflects the vision of a new generation, in which the students tell their peers, what it means to live in the Park and especially what actions to take to respect and protect it.
The video was structured in three different moments: starting from a reading of reality, the students had to answer the question “According to you, what is the Park?” through a photographic shot or a descriptive phrase.
Following a more in-depth study on the size of the protected area, linked to an awareness and greater awareness of the current, they were asked to imagine what the future will be (a not too distant future for 12-year-old boys)answering the question “What is the Park I would like in 2030?” through the realization of tables and drawings in perspective.
Finally, in the third and last part of the video, the young people, returning to the present, have elaborated virtuous messages to be transmitted to their peers, answering the question “What can we do today to have the Park we would like”?
The students of the third classes, protagonists of this path, were asked for an additional effort, that is to develop the project in English, thinking of an international perspective thanks to the fact that, the Park, for over 10 years has become part of the European and World Geoparks Network, under the aegis of UNESCO.