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The Ibex

The alpine ibex (capra ibex ibex L., 1758) is an ungulate typical of the alpine environment, present in the territory of the Park thanks to a reintroduction project realized from 1995 and 2000.
From 2005 to 2007, a targeted survey was realized by the Park with the intent of understanding the growth of a new population of ibexes and their adaptation to the territory of the Park. The present core, of about a hundred animals, has, in the meanwhile, grown both from a numeric and a genetic point of view, thanks to a restocking operation, that has experienced the release of some specimens from Switzerland.
From 2008, the Park’s ibexes population has been monitored with naturalistic methods. In 2013, the results collected during intense monitoring activities determined that the ibexes population could be of about 180-200 animals.

Stambecco; Val Cercen; credits: G. Alberti
Stambecco; Val Cercen; credits: G. Alberti