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esemplare di salmerino alpino
Specimen of alpine char

The alpine char (Salvelinus alpinus) is a medium-sized fish with a tapered shape very similar to a trout. It belongs to the Salmonid Family. It is present in high altitude environments, where it colonizes the clear and cold waters of the alpine lakes. The species is widespread in the eastern part of the Italian Alpine Arch.

It has a high naturalistic, ecological and economic value. Unfortunately it has been included in the Italian Red List of freshwater fish “in danger”. For this reason and because of its importance in the ecosystem, in 2001 the Park started an investigation in Lake Tovel. This basin is in fact one of the most significant for the species in the Province.

In 2006, based on the indications of the Wildlife Plan, the “Char project” began. It is a multi-year research to implement knowledge on the ecology and distribution of the species in the Park. For this purpose it has also been introduced into a suitable high-altitude lake (Lake Gelato).

For more info see page 46 in “Relazione GRICO 2010