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PLOT 4: the environment becomes DoloMithic. We are at about 2300m a.s.l.

Far beyond the edge of the forest, the environment begins to take on the typical characteristics of the Dolomites. The outcropping rocks and the mounds of large dolomite blocks are interrupted by small patches of vegetation.

Keeping your shoulders upstream, to our left we have the imposing Turrione di Vallesinella. From which, with a bit of luck, you can hear the call of the queen of heaven: the golden eagle. On the right, on the high walls of Cima Grostè, rise the bold climbing routes.

The environment is typical of the chamois, an ungulate well adapted to live in rocky places. We can see them in groups or alone. The indices of presence found in the area testify, in addition to the unmistakable presence of chamois, also the passage of the deer, perhaps in search of food.

Among the shrubs, only the dwarf willows, crushed on the rocks, manage to vegetate up here …

The Plot includes two habitats that, due to their value and their poor distribution at the community level, have become part of the “Natura 2000 Network”. A network of areas recognized by the European Union as strategic for the conservation of biodiversity at a supra-national level.

Below is the graph of average daily temperatures recorded from the day of installation of the instrumentation (12.06.2018) up to the last possibility of data collection (09/25/2016).


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