Research and biodiversity

Ursus Arctos photo by Pino Oss

Ursus Arctos – foto Pino Oss

The promotion of scientific study is one of the main institutional goals identified in the Law of the Natural Parks of Trentino (L. P. 18/88 art. 1), subsequently replaced by the L.P. 11/2007 which takes up the main features.

This address is also reflected at national level in the Law of 6 December 1991, n. 394 (Framework law on protected areas), which considers scientific research as one of the cornerstones of park activity (article 1 letter c).

In this context, since the early years of its activity, the Adamello Brenta Natural Park has been significantly involved in scientific study, promoting numerous useful research to improve the knowledge of the natural environment.


Wildlife projects

The wildlife projects promoted by the Adamello Brenta Nature Park are carried out by the Research and Conservation Group of the Brown Bear (GRICO - Wildlife Park Office). This was formally established...
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