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Points of Interest (POI) Archive

Here you can find the list of all Points of Interest.

Stambecco - Cercen; credits: G. Alberti

Ibex – Biology and Ecology

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE The alpine ibex is a medium-sized bovid, characterized by heavy and strong forms. Male adults have a weight that goes from a maxi...
Stambecco - Carè Alto; credits: N. Santoni

Ibex – Monitoring

Despite the good adaptation of the species to the new habitat, witnessed by the results of the intensive monitoring activity of the first years, the n...
Stambecco si prepara all'inverno; credits: M. Zeni

Ibex – Restocking

Restocking consists in reinforcing the presence of a species in a territory. On the Adamello and Presanella massifs, twelve ibexes (7 females and 5 ma...
Stambecco - Val del cercen; credits: G. Alberti

Ibex – Reintroduction

Ibexes are present in the territory of the Park thanks to a reintroduction project promoted by the institution in 1995, characterized by two phases: o...

Artificial basin in Val Genova

Artificial basin in Val Genova The artificial lake of Val Genova is a large calm basin that collects the waters that flow from Val Genova and those br...
Valle dello Sporeggio; credits: M. Zeni

Valle Sporeggio

Valle Sporeggio (Sporeggio Valley) – Gruppo del Campa (Campa Group) From Spormaggiore and Cavedago you enter this valley, surrounded by jagged l...
Trivena; credits: M. Zeni

Val di Breguzzo

Val di Breguzzo (Breguzzo valley) How to reach it From Tione follow the Caffaro road towards Storo to Breguzzo and, once reached the little village of...
Laghi Valbona; credits:


Valbona From Tione drive towards the mountain sites, up to the foot of the Adamello mountain chain. The clear water pools mirror the peaks of the moun...
Val Meledrio; credits:

Val Meledrio

Val Meledrio (Meledrio valley) It marks the border between two very different alpine territories. Its upper section, included in the Park territory, r...
Val Manez; credits: G. Alberti

Val di Manez

Val Manez (Manez valley) At the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, Val Manez encloses alpine landscapes and pristine environments, with which the centuries...