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Water Life Visitor Centre is dedicated to the typical fish of the protected area. It is located in Spiazzo Rendena, near the river Sarca and the cycle path, in an environment and landscape very well protected

The world of water and life
Water Life Visitor Centre consists of some green building premises and outdoor paths. Outside you can see the various species in their natural environment. There is also a small ichthyogenic plant for the reproduction of the Marble Trout along the Sarca River. Always in operation thanks to the collaboration with the Alto Sarca Fishermen Association.

Visit the Centre
Start from the largest cottage where you can get information about the protected area and the exhibition main theme. Here a video, multimedia stations, video games, panels and two aquariums present the territory of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. Then there is a bright teaching room overlooking the pond.

Now let’s go outside: some lecterns guide the visitor along the path illustrating the various aquatic environments of the protected area. The spring, the pond, the swamp, the stream and the lake. We meet two underground observatories where we can observe the underwater life of the creek and the lake with many species of fish.

Open all year round upon reservation for guided tours with expert operators. You can also visit the breeding tanks of the Marble Trout in the ichthyogenic center. For info: 0465/806666 Scientific Research and Environmental Education at Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

Some features of the Centre
The name was chosen with a contest between primary schools in the small towns of the Park area. Class IV of Darè Primary School was the winner with the name “Acqua Life”.

Green buildings aim at minimizing energy consumption with B + energy classification. The signs (lecterns, notice boards, directional arrows, etc.) are made in MEG. This material is composed of 90% recycled compressed cardboard, resistant to the weather and therefore suitable for outdoor exposure.