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Going up the Val di San Valentino, past the Vallina Bassa from the path you can admire on the right the vigorous Valletta waterfall, a drop of sparkling water fed by the lake of Valletta Alta (2215 m) which is further upstream.

To admire the Valletta waterfall we suggest you to go along the Val di S. Valentino following the path SAT 224. After the first 300 meters of quite steep vertical slope, accompanied by the impetuous Rio Bedù di Vigo, the valley rises gently between beech woods. Then arrive at Pian del Forno where once there was a pyrite field. After a steep rocky step, a severe and grandiose backdrop opens up to the Carè Alto ridges. The main branch of the valley is subdivided by a step between two flat areas, the Vallina Bassa and Vallina Alta, connected by the waters of the Rio Bedù and separated by the Valletta waterfall. This area is a great vantage point to spot ibexes, the ungulates of the most daring ridges.