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Vallesinella with its fantastic waterfalls takes you into the realm of pale petrified castles: explore the fairytale world of rock in the Brenta Dolomites.

How to reach it

From Madonna di Campiglio (1514 m) follow the dirt road along Monte Spinale to the Vallesinella hut. Or take the flat “Sentiero dell’orso” which starts from the Spinale cableway station.

The environment

Vallesinella is famous for its spectacular waterfalls that accompany us along the ascent with the gushing clear and fresh waters. We walk in thick beech and fir woods until we reach 2000 meters. Here the view opens onto a striking landscape with the Vallesinella, Tuckett and Brenta glaciers. Also interesting are the karst phenomena (springs, potholes, natural bridges) related to the waterfalls as well as the caves excavated in the Dolomites on the Torrione di Vallesinella (about 523 meters) and on the Castelletto di Mezzo ( about 386 meters).

Discovering the valley

From the road, just before Vallesinella, take the path that descends to the Cascate di mezzo hut (1398 m). Here you can admire the most spectacular of the three water jumps, also reachable from Malga Bassa in the Brenta valley, climbing to the clearing of Prà del Casòn (Malga Fratte). To reach the high waterfalls, leave from the Vallesinella hut and take the forest road (trail number 382) to the cableway of the Tuckett hut. Climbing along easy steps and bridges, you can admire the suggestive water jumps of the waterfalls and reach Malga Vallesinella (1681 m), now abandoned. Continue on path 371 bis to the Casinèi hut(1825 m.). From here on path n. 317 ascents to the famous Tuckett and Sella refuges; or, on the Bogani path (number 318), reach the Brentei hut in the upper Val Brenta. From the Casinei hut, descending onthe right in the woods, return to Vallesinella (signpost No. 317).

In the high Vallesinella, at 2272 meters, at the foot of the Vedretta di Tuckett you can reach the Quintino Sella and F.F. Tuckett Sat huts, built at the beginning of the 20th century. Easily accessible: 1h24 from Vallesinella hut, 1h20 from the cableway station at Passo del Grostè, are among the busiest of Brenta. Ideal as a starting point for the classic ascents to Cima Brenta and Castelletto Inferiore. This is also where the Sosat path starts, a stretch of the famous Bocchette path. From the nearby Bocca di Tuckett the Via delle Bocchette Alte and the Alfredo Benini and Osvaldo Orsi paths start. These paths are among the most exciting for the beauty of the landscape and the glimpses that open on the steeples of the Brenta Dolomites.