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The stream descending and collecting waters from springs that flow from the rocks of the Brenta, interrupts the horizontal geometries of the layer joints, creating charming contrasts. The Lower waterfalls, like the more impressive Upper and Middle ones, are rich in water on hot summer days and frozen in the coldest season.

The Vallesinella lower waterfalls are located along the same course as the upper and middle ones, but located at a lower altitude. They exhibit high flow fluctuations during the year and during different hours of the day. This depends on the melting of snow and ice, which is minimal at dawn and maximum in the late afternoon.

They are part of the great karst system of the area. This captures, penetrates and pervades the depths of this portion of Brenta for hundreds of meters. It therefore constitutes a huge freshwater reservoir.

Coming down from the Middle waterfall Hut along the path to lower Malga Brenta , the Vallesinella lower waterfalls can be admired on the right if you look for them among the trees of the forest guided by the music of water.