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Fresh streams of water break the horizontal geometries creating contrasts of considerable charm. Copious of water on hot summer days, completely immobilized by frost during the harshest seasons, theMiddle waterfalls make the landscape change and with it the emotions aroused.

The Vallesinella Middle waterfalls, a spectacle of a thousand streams of gushing water, give us joy with the sense of freshness they emanate. You can easily reach them by following the path in the woods that descends from the Vallesinella parking lot towards the Middle waterfalls Hut. This is the privileged view point on the water drop. The most courageous,very carefully, can walk the narrow and slippery path that passes behind the waterfall. Here you will almost be in contact with the falling water!

As for the upper Waterfalls, the water flow varies throughout the year and also at different times of the day. This is due to the melting of snow and ice that is minimal at dawn and highest in the late afternoon. These fascinating waterfalls are part of the karst system of the area. This captures the water for hundreds of meters in the depths of this area of ​​the Brenta. Thus forming a huge reservoir of fresh water.