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Gushing from the karst springs, the water leaps through the rocks, creating the wonderful Vallesinella Upper Falls.

To admire the natural spectacle of the Vallesinella Upper waterfalls, take the evocative Sentiero delle Sorgenti trail. It starts near the Vallesinella refuge and the path is exciting for the beauty of the natural environment that surrounds us.

They are located in a karst area in the Brenta Dolomites, bordered to the east by Passo Grosté and Cima Brenta, to the north by the Spinale plateau and to the south by Cima Freddolin. Naturally the show varies according to the season: during the thaw period the waterfalls are impetuous, while in other periods they can freeze or shrink. Higher up is the vast hydrogeological basin that drains and engulfs precipitation and melting waters.

Besides being one of the main Geosites of the Park, the waterfalls create a microclimate that favors the growth of particular plant species, such as mountain pine and rhododendron, which are typically found at higher altitudes, over 1600 meters.