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The Municipality of Valdaone – formed by the villages of Bersone, Daone and Praso – is the southern gate to the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. The fascinating Val Daone and the enchanting Val di Fumo, where the Chiese river flows, are amazing places to visit.

Valdaone is the ideal setting for those who like to practice outdoor sports or do simple and regenerating physical exercise in a landscape of rare beauty.

Sports activities

For trekking lovers there are easy and peaceful walks both in the plain of Nudole (“Sentiero per tutti” in the Adamello Brenta Park) and in Val di Fumo. Expert climbers can instead climb impervious and fascinating routes.

There are numerous paths, dirt roads and tracks dedicated to mountain bike lovers. Lots of mountain cliffs and hundreds of erratic boulders make the Daone Valley a natural open-air gym for bouldering lovers. There is also the “Boulder Park” in La Plana, an area equipped for more or less experienced families and sportsmen.
Without forgetting the crystal walls: waterfalls that in the harsh winters turn into tongues of ice for expert climbers. And the Acroriver, a route equipped with ziplines and pulleys that runs along the Chiese river.


Furthermore the Valle di Daone boasts another important natural resource: water. Streams run foamy and fall into the river Chiese where you can go fishing. Alpine lakes, small cobalt blue pearls, where you can spend a few hours in complete relaxation. Magnificent waterfalls that break the silence of the woods to be admired with your nose in the air. A wealth that led, in the 1950s, to the construction of a complex of power plants and dams. The Malga Bissina dam, with its basin of 60 million cubic meters of water and its imposing dam, the Malga Boazzo power plant and the smaller Ponte Morandino dam.


To discover the extraordinary wealth of wildlife and the surprising environmental variety of this area, visit the Visitor centre Fauna House of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park in the Pracul area.

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