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The Valbona lakes in the Adamello group are Lower, Middle and Upper. The view from above along the Cengledino Ridge is very suggestive. The Valbona area has been part of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park since 2003.

The Valbona lakes are an exciting destination for the beauty of the landscape that you ca admire along the way. The location is panoramic with a spectacular view of the Val Rendena and the Brenta Dolomites.

Of the three lakes of Valbona the Upper one is the most relevant for breadth, depth and volume. It is located next to the Middle Lake, separated from this by a thin rocky threshold, at an altitude of 2196 m. The Lower one is about 150 meters further downstream.

Despite being a wild and harsh environment, on the lake banks, colonized by abundant moss and surrounded by wetlands, it is easy to come across various species, such as mountain frogs. In the 80s here lived a species of crustacean (Holopedium gibberum Zaddack) considered rare in the southern Alps.

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