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From Pelugo or Spiazzo Rendena up the eastern slopes of Carè Alto, the Borzago Valley welcomes visitors who like to abandon the destinations of mass tourism to discover enchanting places where time passes slowly, following the rhythm of the seasons.

How to reach it
From the state road 239, which crosses Spiazzo Rendena, follow the road on the left for Val Borzago – Rifugio Carè Alto to Pian della Sega. Here you can park and start along the path to the Carè Alto hut.
Discovering the Valley

The Borzago Valley detaches laterally from Val Rendena on the hydrographic right. Its origin is glacial and the signs of the subsequent modeling made by the action of the stream are evident. It is crossed by the Rio Bedù di Pelugo and develops east-west up to the glaciers of Carè Alto.

The lower part of the valley is characterized by woods alternating with wide meadows and pastures, interrupted by scattered huts and small settlements that testify to the typical alpine activities. Higher up we find the ancient abandoned pastures that mark the passage from the pastures and the conifer woods to the roughness of the rocks and glaciers.

At an altitude of 2450 m stands the Rifugio Carè Alto, built in 1912 by a group of Rendena mountaineers, in a panoramic position on Val Rendena and the Brenta Dolomites.