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Tovel valley, one of the most beautiful alpine valleys, can be reached from Tuenno. Spectacular and wild, it is distinguished by the vast pristine forests, the silent prairies, the jagged peaks and a lake that is an authentic jewel.

How to reach it

From Ville D’Anaunia (Tuenno) take the SP14 of the Tòvel valley, which runs along the Rio Tresenga and goes up to the car park in Capriolo.

Discovering the valley

The Tovel valley is located in the Dolomites of Brenta surrounded by Monte Peller, the massif of the Campa and the imposing rocky cirque between the Grostè pass and the Gaiarda Pass. Beyond the hill of S. Emerenziana, with the ancient sixteenth-century church-hermitage, proceed through the narrow and vertical rocky walls excavated by the Rio Tresenga. From the Cantier locality the valley opens up on the expanse of the Marocche or Glare, a chaotic desert of stones. Beyond Lake Tòvel we enter the S. Maria Flavona valley . Just above the Malga Pozzòl, the wood gives way to the alpine meadows of Campo di Flavona.

The environment

On quiet days it is possible to sight some inhabitant of these places such as chamois, roe deer, marmot, hare, fox, capercaillie, black grouse, ptarmigan, francolin, rock partridge, imperial crow. Instead if you are looking for reptiles, frogs, toads and the arctic char, they live in the lake basin. Tòvel valley is a botanical garden: from the 600m of S. Emerenziana to the 2900m of the Grostè and Vallazza peaks grows a huge variety of plants. In these woods lived the last autochthonous alpine brown bears. Today, it has been reintroduced thanks to the Life Ursus project.

Lake Tovel

Do not miss a visit to the famous Lake Tovel, whose crystal clear waters take on incredible shades of blue and green. In the summer months, until the early 60s, it took a beautiful red color, unique in the world for its intensity. The color was caused by a microscopic algae (Tovéllia sanguinea), still present but with much lower concentrations. The Adamello Brenta Nature Park, created to protect this fascinating environment, participated in the SALTO research project. The most probable cause of the reduced redness would be the lack of nutrients in the waters of the lake.

Lake Tovel is a research site of LTER-Italia (Italian long-term ecological research network) (IT09-005-A) in the Mountain Lakes group. LTER Italia is part of the ILTER (International Long Term Ecological Research Network) association. It collects ecological studies on the physical and biological processes that govern ecosystems such as seas, forests, parks and lakes. This knowledge is essential for the sustainable use of resources, to assess the impact of global changes, to conserve biodiversity and to improve the life quality.