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The Community of Valle di Sole, a local public body, consists of the Municipalities of Caldes, Cavizzana, Commezzadura, Croviana, Dimaro / Folgarida, Malé, Mezzana, Ossana, Peio, Pellizzano, Rabbi, Terzolas and Vermiglio.

The Valle di Sole, with the valleys of Pejo and Rabbi, is a territory of the Alpine region of Trentino. Located in the upper part of the Noce river basin, it is crowned by the Adamello – Presanella, Ortles – Cevedale and Brenta mountain groups. It develops along the east-west axis, so the sun always shines on it.

Over the millennia, the alpine passes have allowed the exchanges of people, materials, technologies, artistic forms and values. This has transformed the geographical position into an opportunity for dialogue between different cultures. The early conversion to Christianity has impressed the inhabitants with the values of fraternal sociability and characterized the landscape with the bell towers of churches and sacred chapels.

A small people, “friend of work, used to fatigue, saver, smart and clever, attached to his land, fond of the family, respectful of the property, frugal, clean and sober, capable of entrepreneurship, proud of his abilities as a man who knows how to transform nature without raping it “(Silvestri, 1879), which has been able to maintain its unique characteristics over the centuries, without abdicating the fundamental principles of its history.

For eight hundred years, loyal subjects of the episcopal principality of Trento, the people of Valle di Sole have always defended their operational autonomy, the free and innovative management of the territory, the safeguarding of the common goods, the protection of the environment. And also through the phenomenon of emigration, they have given valid contributions of innovation, technological development, entrepreneurship and humanity where they have moved.

The geographical compactness of the valley, the lifestyles consistent with the demands of a harsh and strong territory, a common feeling of open and solid social relations, an identity in the individual village communities, have created over the centuries shared forms of self-government in the management of goods, production of services and development of economies.

The Valle di Sole has always endowed itself with common administrative and institutional forms. Thus manifesting a conscious identity but also open to dialogue.

Today the Community effectively reinterprets the quality of life, traditional values ​​and entrepreneurial and cooperative social relations. Here we find stories and forms of ancient collaboration characterized by the civic sense of the population and shown in the results of economic and civil development obtained.

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