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Spiazzo is a village located in the center of Val Rendena, formerly known as Pieve di Rendena, nestled at the foot of the spectacular Brenta Dolomites peaks and the Adamello Presanella group, on which the protected area of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park extends.

The origin of Spiazzo can be found in the existence of a sanctuary dedicated to S. Vigilio. Here it is the place where Vigilio, the third Trentino bishop, would have suffered martyrdom in 405 AD, during his last missionary journey. Tradition has it that where the main altar of the church of S. Vigilio now stands, is the place of the Saturn stele (stone). The bishop would have broken it down, causing the tragic reaction of the pagan population that killed him, using wooden sticks and clogs.

The municipal territory includes three hamlets, Borzago, Fisto and Mortaso, where you can follow 3 cultural thematic itineraries. The first is dedicated to wooden sculpture (Via da le Vide), the second to the art of ancient mule tracks and to LandArt (SalagadArt) while the last to the history of emigration of the Moleti (Terra di Moleti). These paths allow you to walk pleasantly in the countryside and its surroundings learning its history through art.

In Borzago the artisan workshops are particularly interesting (Antica Distilleria Boroni, dedicated to the distillation of the Gentian liqueur, and Primitivizia, specialized in the transformation of wild herbs into delicious food) and the Cort da Tonio, an ancient frescoed court.

Of great interest is also the Museo della Guerra Bianca Adamellina, which houses a unique collection of artifacts, photos and historical videos as evidence of the Great War fought on the Adamello-Carè Alto front.

For sports lovers, there is an indoor swimming pool, a mini golf course, a soccer field, a bowling and a beach volleyball court. Sport fishing, mountain biking (also taking the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike route) and hiking are also practicable.

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