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At the top of the wild and little-visited Val Siniciaga, the first valley on the right of the most famous Val Genova, there are three smalle lakes, all above 2100 m of altitude: Lake Altari, Lake Scuro (Altari Alto) and Lake Pas degli Altari.

Lakes Altari can be reached along the path that descends from the Altari Pass. From here you can enjoy an impressive view of the Carè Alto. The panoramic view continues with the great glacial cirque that houses the Niscli glacier and its morainic apparatus. The Altar Pass is located exactly at a point that separates the tonalite of Monte Re di Castello in the south from the Tonalite of the Western Adamello in the north. Two rocks easily distinguishable for the different grain. The first is medium, the second thicker. The first lake that you meet when descending to 2174 m is the Altari Pas lake. It is hidden next to the path and does not even appear on most maps. Not far from the Altar Hut, where the remains of the military cableway used in times of war can be seen, the small Lake Altari stretches. The Lago Scuro (Upper Altari), the largest of the three, is located at an altitude of 2359 meters between the rocky walls. It is located on the left bank in a glacial side valley and below the rocky ridge that goes from Mount Ospedale (2678 m) to Cima degli Obici (2802 m).