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Set like a diadem in a higher circus in the remote Val di Jon, is one of the rare lakes of the karst Brenta Dolomites. Solitary and isolated but close to Malga Asbelz, it seems almost unreachable due to the long climb.

Only the most tenacious hiker can enjoy the beauty of the Asbelz small lake in the  Brenta Dolomites and the green landscape that surrounds it. It is in fact necessary to climb over a thousand meters elevation along the SAT path 349 or 348 to reach it!

The limestone walls of the Lias, vertically layered upstream of the pond, show blackish streaks due to the presence of cyanobacteria. They are also embellished by numerous alpine chough in flight.

The golden eagle often flies on those undisturbed peaks and the brown bear frequently strolls around.

Lake Asbelz does not have visible tributaries or emissaries and the depth appears modest. In its waters there is a large population of temporary frogs and many larvae of small Culicidae Diptera. While near some boulders you can frequently observe the stony case of the tricoptera and the silky tubuliform one of the Chironomid Diptera.

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