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From the small beach of Lake Tovel, a short climb leads to the foot of the Rislà waterfall that descends from the rugged Val Strangola.

A short climb from the little beach of Lago di Tovel leads to the foot of the Torrente Rislà waterfall. The watercourse descends from the rough Val Strangola and, passing the rock, forms a beautiful waterfall. The base of the waterfall is also the apex of the Rislà that extends to the shores of the lake and creates a debris with a typical fan shape. The water of the stream then disappears into the porous debris and reaches the lake by underground ways. During the floods, the water reaches the lake by flowing into the riverbed, for most of the year completely dry. In these phases the strength of the stream can be destructive, producing erosion in some places and depositing large amounts of debris in others.