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The Rio Bianco Waterfall is fed by a karst spring emerging from a crack in the rock.

The Rio Bianco waterfall is one of the pearls of the Brenta Group. It originates from a karstic spring. This brings to light the waters channeled in the deep natural conduits between the layers of the rock, after a path that begins very far, in the high mountain areas.
Its peculiarity is that of being intermittent. That is, the spring is practically inactive in autumn and winter, while in spring it is in full splendor. Then pouring an incredible amount of sparkling water on the rapid slope. The karst complex also includes three other springs, of lesser extent. Downstream of the waterfalls, the water of the stream feeds a historic hydroelectric power plant and finally flows into the Sarca river, the tributary of Lake Garda.It can be reached from the Visitor Centre, near Stenico. A short walk up allows you to reach the waterfall in about half an hour. The 2.5 km ring walk takes about an hour.