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The surface of the Prà Fiorì Glacier, exposed to the north and located below Cima Parto Fiorito (2903 m) in the southern area of the Brenta Dolomites, has shrunk by about 3 hectares from 1990 to 1999, from 11 to 8 ha. The latest surveys of 2011 report an extension area of 0.04 km2.

The Prato Fiorito Glacier is located in the Brenta Dolomites Group. According to the New Register of Italian Glaciers published in 2015, based on data collected in 2011, there are 20 small glaciers that cover a total area of 0.86 km2. These glaciers, such as the Prato Fiorito Glacier, have been most influenced by the effects of climate change. In fact they recorded the greatest contraction (up to a – 73%). Today, after almost a decade since the last official surveys, the situation has certainly changed. Some of the glaciers have disappeared or are running out.

New Italian Glacier Inventory (2015). 2011 surveys