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Experience the adventure of crossing the wooden bridge over the vertiginous drop of the Sarca stream.

The Ponte delle Cambiali waterfall is a fascinating spectacle in a suggestive natural environment. Let’s try the thrill of adventure through the vertiginous wooden bridge. We are suspended above the gorge where the Sarca stream flows impetuously. In the past, a place of farewell for those in financial difficulties. The gray color of the water, during the period of melting snow and ice, makes the place a bit disturbing but always intriguing.

A proof of resistance and vital force is instead a monumental larch rooted in the cracks of the rocky part above the bridge. Looking at it, one wonders how it can live in that position. Not far from the footbridge, flows the Cambiali spring. The green of the woods and the fine air accompany us on relaxing and pleasant walks.