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The Spinale Pond is located in a high altitude pasture not far from Mount Spinale (2104 m). The typically Karst environment is characterized by a landscape rich in sinkhole. The pond was formed in a sinkhole waterproofed by residual clays of karst corrosion.

Glancing at the peaks you can admire one of the most spectacular panoramas of the Park: spiers, bell towers and pinnacles typical of the morphologies of the Dolomites. On one side the Brenta Dolomites and on the other the peaks of Adamello and Presanella. In the past, from Val Rendena, the entire Brenta mountain range was known as Spinale. Probably because it looked like a thorn stuck in the territory between the Trentino valleys. Today only the Mount and the nearby lake are called Spinale.

The small lake is located in a high altitude plateau grazed in summer by the cows of the nearby Boch huts which enrich it with organic substance. Macrophytes of the genus Polygonum sp. proliferate abundantly on the coast line. While at the two ends of the pond there are two Carex zones and Callitriche bright green cords. In the water you can see Corixidi swim fast and small red dots that move quickly in spurts: the zooplankton copepods.