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The Northern Brenta glaciers have never been listed before the 2015 edition of the New Italian Glacier Inventory (based on 2011 surveys). These are found in Val Pestacapre and Cima Sassara North West (of 0.02 km2), Presson (0.01 km2) and Val Gelada of Tuenno (0.03 km2).

The Northern Brenta glaciers are part of the Brenta Dolomites Group. According to the New Italian Glacier Inventory published in 2015, based on data collected in 2011, there are 20 small glaciers. These extend over a total area of 0.86 km2. These are the glaciers that have been most affected by the effects of climate change. In fact they recorded the greatest contraction (up to a – 73%). Today, after almost a decade since the last official surveys, the situation has certainly changed. Some of the glaciers have disappeared or are running out.

New Italian Glacier Inventory (2015). 2011 surveys