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The Nardis waterfall, fed by the Vedretta del Nardis in the Presanella mountain group, plunges into the valley with a drop of about 95 meters. Sparkling waters, white and transparent, a drop of freshness that welcomes you in the valley of cascades, the Val Genova.

The Nardis waterfall is the most famous of the numerous waterfalls that embellish the valley landscape. Legend has it that it is fueled by the tears of pain of Princess Presanella. Not being able to crown his love for the young Vermilion, she turned both into rock to stay close forever without ever touching.

In January 1977 the Nardis icefall was climbed by two famous local mountaineers, Cesare Maestri and Ezio Alimonta. This aroused great interest in the mountaineering world and inspired a new sporting practice: ice climbing.

It covers a drop of about 95 meters and is fascinating in every season. In summer it is an exciting water show. In winter it is still in an icy dress. In spring it starts to flow smoothing the wall below.

It can divide into two jets. When the water is abundant it becomes a single jet and the splashes of water even reach the road below. It flows impetuously under a wooden bridge into the river Sarca. The color varies from transparent and clear in winter to silty gray in summer due to melting glaciers.