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There are three lakes in Valbona: the Lower, Middle and Upper Lakes. Their view from the top, along the Cengledino ridge, is suggestive. The lower lake, long and shallow, is the first to be found going up the Rio Finale valley, at an altitude of 2016 m.

The Valbona area has been part of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park since 2003 when the Municipality of Tione asked to expand the boundaries of the protected area.

How to reach them

The three small lakes of Valbona in the Giudicarie Valleys are located at an altitude between 2046 and 2195 meters. The upper ones are very close. They are located on a hill on the east of the Cengledino ridge, in the Tione mountains. This mountain ridge divides the Val di Breguzzo from the Val di San Valentino. Up here you can enjoy an exceptional view of the Brenta Dolomites. To get there, take the road from Tione to the former Zeller Hut and the Malga Cengledino at 1667 m.

Natural environment

In the lower part of the lake you can notice the abundant greenish patches. They are due to the presence of an aquatic plant known as Sparganium. With its narrow and linear leaves it forms elegant shapes on the water. From the rocky shores it is possible to notice frogs and some specimens of mountain frog (Rana temporaria). Near the lake are precious habitats for the protection of biodiversity. In particular, in summer, you can see white plumes.