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The Lobbia glacier (5.86 km2) is located at the head of the Genova valley. It is adjacent to the Mandrone glacier separated from it by the rocky ridge of the Dosson and Lobbia Alta peaks. It is part of the Adamello glacier, the largest in Italy (surface of almost 17 km2).

The Lobbia glacier presents the characteristics of the “Scandinavian” glacier, ie a flat surface with ice tongues descending towards the Genova valley and the Fumo valley. These tongues ​​have withdrawn heavily since early 1800, about 2000m, losing the lower part. It is one of the glaciers monitored in the Park territory.

Although at first glance it seems immobilized by frost, its landscape is actually in continuous movement and in constant evolution. Even more so today, due to the climatic changes that triggered the inexorable and very rapid withdrawal of the glacial front.

Some of the largest glaciers have lost, in little more than 40 years, up to 42% of their surface. For others the reductions have been smaller, as for the Adamello Glacier.

Studies on the Adamello glaciers have developed with a systematic approach since the 1920s. Yet  in 1865 some were accurately represented in a detailed map made by Payer, the first to reach the Cima dell’Adamello as well as a careful glaciological expert. In the following years, some written testimonies describe the glacial landscape of the past. For example, here is what W.D. Freshfiled wrote (1875).

“The vast central snowfield feeds glaciers that descend from each side. The highest peaks, like the Carè Alto and the Adamello, are only small elevations on the edge of the plateau. From close up they look like icy rocks, but from a distance they look like very noble mountains that fall with large walls enclosed between two glaciers on the wild valleys that rise up to their feet. Imagine a large white sheet not uniformly spread over a table, and its shimmering edges hanging here and there between black and massive buttresses ”

New Italian Glacier Inventory (2015). 2011Surveys.

Type: Scandinavian (Alpine or Valley)
Shape: Plateau
Feeding: Direct

Inventory C.G.I.: 637